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When you choose us, you could avoid the hassles and stress of getting a reliable dental office in your area. Given that getting the best dentist is a difficult job, Hedic Dental makes certain you get the advantages of choosing us by giving reasonably priced dental services. At Hedic Dental, you can get the top dental services while working within your budget. Look no further if you’re looking for the best dental office when you pick Hedic Dental!

We’ve got convenient dental locations in Olmos Park, Phoenix, Columbia Heights, Terrell Hills, Alamo Heights, Salado Junction, Balcones Heights, San Jose, Terrell Wells, Bergs Mill and San Antonio.

San Antonio cosmetic dentistThe experience of starting to lose your teeth will make most of us lose our self confidence. Although we undertake this frustrating experience, you could boost the appearance of your bite, teeth, and gums with several treatment solutions. A cosmetic dentist can aid in the improvement of dental aesthetics in position, color, alignment, shape, size, and smile. Though the American Dental Association does not recognize them as being dental specialists, several dentists offer themselves as cosmetic dentists.

Hedic Dental provides a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services customized to match your dental requirements. Your search has ended in case you are after best cosmetic dentists in your area since we’ve got inexpensive and top quality cosmetic dentistry services. Listed below are some of our most popular dental services.

Teeth Whitening

More often known as teeth bleaching, it is among the in demand and well-known dental services at Hedic Dental and any other dental office. Our cosmetic dentist delivers safe teeth whitening service. Even though you can buy over-the-counter teeth whitening items, we propose a cosmetic dentist-supervised procedure for the most effective result.

Dental Bonding

The affixing of bonding substances on your teeth should only be carried out by a professional to guarantee the success. At Hedic Dental, the enamel-like dental composite material placed on the surface of a tooth is of high quality.

Dental Implants

Implants boost the appearance of a patient’s smile by repairing a damaged or lost tooth. Our cosmetic dentist will assess the dentition and encourage the most beneficial strategy to get the wanted result.


You could enhance your smile by improving the color, shape, and closing the gaps between teeth along with our super-thin, custom made porcelain veneers. We ensure that the surfaces will fit in on your natural teeth by making diagnostic mock-ups.


Dental bridges are necessary solutions in case you are missing a number of teeth. A cosmetic dentist hooks up a false or pontic tooth among two natural teeth. Dental bridges are not like dentures since they are installed in their permanent position by a dentist.


Enhance the looks of your smile by taking out parts of the enamel. Our dental specialist reshapes the position, shape, and length of your teeth. This approach boosts the appearance of your dentition.


A cosmetic dentist might encourage the utilization of Invisalign procedure to improve the alignment of the patient’s dentition. However, we provide flexibility to our patients who prefer more cost-effective solutions similar to metal braces.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Cosmetic Dentistry
Just How Much Will Cosmetic Dentistry Cost You?

It’ll cost you approximately $1,800 or more to make enhancements on your bite, teeth, and gums. Sometimes, it will cost you much more should the diagnosis calls for extensive treatments.

What’s Considered Cosmetic Dentistry?

Braces, bonding, dental bridges, veneers, and porcelain crowns are a number of the dental treatments considered as cosmetic dentistry by the American Dental Association.

What exactly are the advantages of Cosmetic Dentistry?

The very best benefit you can acquire from cosmetic dentistry is enhanced confidence. Considering the fact that a lovely smile is cherished by every person, you cannot make a mistake along with your investment in cosmetic dentistry.