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San Antonio tmj treatmentIf you think you are among the millions of Americans that suffer from TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder, a TMJ professional is the solution to your condition. We have the top TMJ professional at Hedic Dental, who are able to provide you with the proper treatment in line with the diagnosis of its origin. Although there are several reasons that lead to the condition, a TMJ dentist have to initially examine the patient just before a recommendation of a treatment approach is given.

The imbalance of the bite, stress, or the malocclusion of the bite are among the factors behind TMJ. Any of these 3 will trigger the start of the condition. Since TMJ changes the function of the mouth, including chewing, speaking, breathing, eating, making facial expressions, and swallowing, you can get momentary relief by doing hot or cold compress. It is a serious disorder which induces severe discomfort and pain to the patient.

We suggest the treatment of TMJ using easy treatment at Hedic Dental. The use of hot or cold compress and over-the-counter medications can certainly help minimize pain without the medication of dental professionals. However, if you believe you need the help of a TMJ professional, you can visit a trusted dental office in your location. Much like any kind of condition, the best approach is to have the dental professional to do their task.

As opposed to other conditions, it’s difficult to identify TMJ because many other conditions such as sinus problems as well as toothaches share the same signs. If you believe you are affected by TMJ and want to have a TMJ doctor to analyze your condition, set your appointment today at Hedic Dental.

Frequently Asked Questions About TMJ Specialist

What Causes TMJ Disorders?

Aside from stress, there are several different factors just like different forms of arthritis, damage to the jaw area, infection, genes, as well as the improper position of the bite.

Can You Treat TMJ at Home?

Yes, you are able to alleviate the pain and discomfort by either hot or cold compress on the parts of the face afflicted with the TMJ disorder. You could also purchase over-the-counter medicines for the condition. If the discomfort and pain continue right after performing these remedies at home, then it’s time to visit your dentist for professional treatment.

Can TMJ Exercises Relieve the Pain?

There isn’t any proofs on the good success related to TMJ exercises, even though, a few professionals claim it could boost the person’s range of the mouth opening. Because there’s no harm in undertaking the exercises, you could try doing them and see for yourself whether they are advantageous or otherwise not.